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Patrick Henry Elementary School Library at 7:00 PM. Check the newsletter for details.

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June 16, 2017

Dear Neighbors:

Attached are 2 documents that should be forwarded to all staff and to the larger Jefferson Middle School community. The 2 documents are:

1. Site Logistics Plan During Construction. This is the general logistics plan for site operations for the duration of construction, from summer of 2017 to start of school in fall of 2019. The only thing missing from the plan at this point is the balance of staff parking (60 spaces) for the regular school year. We are still looking for these spaces and hope to secure them at Dominion Arms. Parking hours in the temporary lots are from 6:30 AM-5:00 PM.

2. Temporary Bus Dropoff and Pickup Operation. This is the specific plan for temporary bus operations for summer school 2017 and the regular 2017-2018 school year. Our plan is to have the new permanent bus loop operational for start of school in fall 2018.

Let me know if any questions.

Steve Stricker
Senior Project Manager
Arlington Public Schools
Department of Design & Construction Services
O 703-228-7749
C 571-220-0048

June 7, 2017

Dear Neighbors:

  • Thanks to all who attended last night's Special Meeting of Arlington Heights Civic Association. We engaged in a full discussion of the proposed Resolution, and amended it to reflect the neighborhood's views as well as possible. Thanks in particular to Susan Scott and Kristi Sawert for making the edits on the spot to reflect the discussion. After three hours of debate and editing, we passed the following Resolution:
  • WHEREAS, Arlington Public Schools (APS) has expressed its preference for a "hybrid" plan allocating the contemplated 1300 high school seats between the Career Center and Education Center sites with approximately 800 seats to the Career Center and only 500 seats to the Education Center, with a potential for another 600 -800 seats;
  • WHEREAS, the APS design process of selecting a site prior to proposing the school footprint or instructional program prevents optimal analysis of the choices and precludes informed consideration by the community;
  • WHEREAS, the Career Center site lacks amenities of other high schools such as sports fields, pool, and fine/performing arts facilities, so students attending any of the numerous current or future high school programs at the site might require transportation to other campuses to participate in sports or fine/performing arts;
  • WHEREAS, Arlington Heights neighborhood may be amenable to a comprehensive neighborhood high school incorporating the secondary programs currently at the Career Center, Arlington Tech High School, Arlington Community High School, and the Columbia Pike Public Library;
  • NOW, THEREFORE, be it resolved that:
  • Arlington Heights Civic Association (AHCA) opposes adding high school seats to the Career Center site without amenities equivalent to or exceeding those the three existing comprehensive high schools;
  • AHCA favors and supports retaining the existing Career Center, Arlington Tech and Arlington Community High School programs as they currently are co-located in the space;
  • AHCA supports a School Board vote in late June to allow the Ed Center expansion for new seats or swing space; and
  • AHCA requests postponement of the School Board vote on the hybrid seats proposed for the Career Center site until fall 2017, after meeting the following requests:
    • APS staff and School Board members meet with AHCA members and surrounding neighborhoods this summer to further explain the hybrid model and use of the Career Center/Patrick Henry and Arlington County Columbia Pike Library footprint - including without limitation a feasibility study of a comprehensive neighborhood high school with amenities equivalent to or exceeding the three existing high schools (including retention of existing secondary programs at the site); overall costs, pros, cons, new structure types, parking possibilities or any need for new parking structure, placement of the students and their focus at the Career Center and the Tech High School and whether any new pool or other structures are being considered; and
    • Conduct a comprehensive transportation study for full estimated population use of the Career Center site accounting for traffic needs for over 3000 students as well as traffic impact of the new elementary school at the Thomas Jefferson site.
  • We will share this Resolution with other civic associations affected by the plans for the Career Center site, and seek their coordination and support when we present the Resolution to the School Board. You may share your opinion directly with the School Board too, in writing and/or by speaking at a meeting. We hope as many neighbors as possible will attend and speak at the next School Board meeting on Thursday, June 15, 2017 at 7:30pm at the Ed Center at 1426 N. Quincy Street, Arlington VA 22207.
  • This web page www.apsva.us/contact-the-school-board explains how to contact the School Board, and this web page www.apsva.us/school-board-meetings/sign-up-to-speak explains how to sign up to speak at a School Board meeting.
  • We need to ensure our neighborhood is heard as clearly as all the others. Thanks everyone for participating to the extent possible.

    Molly Calkins, President
    Arlington Heights Civic Association

  • First Cicada of 2017
    May 12, 2017
    South Ivy Street
    First Cicada of 2017
    First Blooming Dogwood of Spring
    February 24, 2017
    South Irving Street
    First Blooming Dogwood of Spring
    First Azalea of Spring
    February 24, 2017
    123 South Glebe Road, on the Glebe Road side
    First Azalea of Spring
    First Crocus of Spring
    February 7, 2017
    First Crocus of Spring

    Dear Neighbors:

    Thanks to all who attended our quarterly Civic Association meeting on February 7. Here's a summary:
  • A neighbor took the initiative on the puzzling mail delivery issues. At the meeting, she described her interactions with Rep. Don Beyer's office about the mail issue, and how she started arrangements for him or a representative from his office to participate in our next quarterly meeting. Thank you!
  • We discussed the recent flurry of surveys and road markings around the neighborhood. For example, a neighbor noticed all manner of spray painted lines at South 7th and Garfield to South Highland, apparently marking for gas, water, sewer, fiber optic cable, etc., along with red plastic ties around trees, utility poles and light fixtures. Through some research, she learned that the architect that Arlington Public Schools recently hired for renovation work at the Career Center ordered a complete survey of the entire site, along with adjacent right-of-ways along 7th, 9th, Highland and S. Walter Reed, and 15 feet beyond the right-of-ways (i.e., residents' front yards).
  • We also learned that Arlington Public Schools has begun looking at sites for a fourth comprehensive high school. One proposed site is the Career Center.
  • The County Board will consider renewal of Arlington Cinema & Draft House's live entertainment use permit at the Feb. 25 County Board meeting. You can weigh in by commenting online, emailing the County Board and/or speaking at its Feb. 25 meeting. See https://countyboard.arlingtonva.us/meetings/speaking-procedures
  • Finally, I am pleased to announce our new and returning civic association officers:
    • Evan Farley was elected AHCA's new First Vice President. We welcome him onto AHCA's Executive Committee.
    • Scott Winn was re-elected AHCA's Treasurer. We're glad he's staying on as our well of institutional knowledge, neighborhood perspective, and all-around good counsel.

      AHCA Secretary Susannah Keefe has served AHCA well for over a year, but opted not to stand for election again due to business and family commitments. (Darn! But we understand). Therefore, we still welcome nominations for civic association secretary.

    • President too. I've enjoyed serving as AHCA's president, but have considerably less time to devote to civic duties than I had the first year. In the absence of other candidates, I accepted re-nomination and was re-elected. I'm ready to pass the baton, but until we elect a new president, I won't leave AHCA without one, and I shall continue to serve as best I can. Feel free to contact me or any of the officers if you're even a little curious about the role and would like to learn more about what it entails.
  • See the first crocus of spring above on AHCA's homepage. Thanks to our webmaster Jay Jacob Wind for posting that photo yesterday.
  • A neighborhood Facebook page is in the works too, thanks to our newsletter editor, Claudia Winkler.
  • Thank you
    Molly Calkins, president
  • AHCA welcomes our new Social Chair, Kristy Kelly, who hosted a fantastic Halloween Parade and Party last October and will organize our neighborhood picnic next summer.
  • AHCA also welcomes our new Newsletter Editor, Claudia Winkler, a communications professional who is already hard at work on the next issue of Over the Fence.
  • We are grateful to these enthusiastic volunteers who stepped into crucial civic association roles soon after moving into the neighborhood.
  • News from https://newsroom.arlingtonva.us/release/arlington-funds-six-neighborhood-conservation-projects
  • On September 27, 2016, Arlington County Board approved $127,154 for Arlington Heights streetlights project on 5th Street South to South Jackson Street.
  • LED Carlyle Style streetlights will be installed on 5th Street South, from Glebe Road to South Jackson Street, and the Colonial Style lights will be removed.
  • During Jay Jacob Wind's four years as AHCA president (1999-2003), following on past-president Jim Gill's efforts, we set as a priority and then successfully petitioned for Carlyle Style streetlights on every block of the interior of Arlington Heights:
    • 1st Street South
    • 2nd Street South
    • 3rd Street South
    • 5th Street South
    • 6th Street South
    • 7th Street South
    • 9th Street South
    • 9th Road South
    • South Fenwick Street
    • South Garfield Street
    • South Highland Street
    • South Hudson Street
    • South Irving Street
    • South Ivy Street
    • South Jackson Street
    • South Old Glebe Road
    With the 5th Street South project approved, 14 to 17 years later, we see the cycle completed. On most of our neighborhood's streets, we can look north, south, east, and west, and see consistent, attractive, safe lighting. Every president since 2003 and many volunteers have kept that effort going. Along the way, we also got improvements to the Glebe Road bridge over Arlington Boulevard, sidewalks and lighting on Columbia Pike, a stop light at 2nd Street South and South Glebe Road, traffic calming on South Highland Street near Patrick Henry School, and new sidewalks on South Fillmore Street.

    A big thank-you to everyone in Arlington Heights!

    -- Thank you
    -- Jay Jacob Wind
    -- jay.wind@att.net
    -- South Ivy Stret

  • Dear Neighbors,

    AHCA needs an Alternate Delegate to the Neighborhood Conservation Advisory Committee (NCAC). Help Arlington Heights get its fair share of funding for neighborhood improvements, such as streetlight replacements and improvements, sidewalk repair, street and intersection enhancements, tree planting, greenspace improvement, neighborhood signage, and other enhancements. You'll get to attend monthly meetings with County planners and delegates from neighborhoods around the County to plan and decide how neighborhood conservation funds should be allotted and spent. We thank Eileen Janas for stepping up to be our new NC Delegate as of May 2016. NCAC allows us to appoint an Alternate also. If interested, please contact Molly Calkins at molly.calkins.ahca@gmail.com, or any member of the Executive Committee.

    -- Thank you, Molly Calkins, president

    Arlington Heights now has its own Little Free Library in front of the Dhavale family home at 3104 6th Street South, installed as part of an Eagle Scout project. Come by to donate or borrow a book!

    Dear Neighbors,

    Our own neighborhood elementary has now received national recognition in addition to recent state awards. Congratulations to the whole Henry community for making this possible.

    This just in from WTOP News (from AP):

    2 Va. elementary schools earn national distinction

    RICHMOND, Va. (AP) -- Two Virginia elementary schools are being recognized for their achievements.

    The state Department of Education says Patrick Henry Elementary in Arlington County and High Point Elementary in Washington County have been named as Virginia's two 2014-2015 National Title I Distinguished Schools.

    Representatives from the schools will be recognized by the National Association of State Title I Directors during the organization's annual conference in February in Salt Lake City.

    Officials say the schools were selected from the 40 high- achieving Title I schools honored by the Virginia Board of Education in October.

    Patrick Henry Elementary was selected for exceeding federal annual measurable objectives for two consecutive school years. High Point Elementary was chosen for its efforts to close achievement gaps among student subgroups over two consecutive years.

    Dear Members:

    On November 18, 2014, we sent a letter to Arlington County Board stating the resolution unanimously approved at our quarterly meeting on Wednesday, November 12, 2014:

  • WHEREAS Arlington Public Schools is proposing to build a school adjacent to the Thomas Jefferson Middle School, possibly intruding upon Thomas Jefferson Park,
  • WHEREAS Thomas Jefferson Park is an extremely valuable resource for Arlington and its Arlington Heights neighbors, where our children and families use the park for play and recreation, people walk their dogs, runners jog on its measured half-mile trail, neighborhood volunteers maintain the ornamental garden at the southeast corner of the park, and Thomas Jefferson Middle School students raise food in the park's organic vegetable garden for the Arlington Food Assistance Center,
  • WHEREAS Arlington Heights Civic Association deems the boundary of Thomas Jefferson Park to be as illustrated in Figure 1, (see Attachment 1)
  • BE IT RESOLVED THAT Arlington Heights Civic Association opposes Arlington Public Schools building a school, or any facility, that occupies, or infringes upon, any portion of Thomas Jefferson Park.
  • BE IT RESOLVED THAT Arlington Heights Civic Association strongly supports a comprehensive planning approach to the Thomas Jefferson site. Arlington Heights Civic Association is deeply concerned that building a new elementary school by 2018 on the Thomas Jefferson site would foreclose future improvements of the site.


    Stephen Hughes, President
    Arlington Heights Civic Association

  • Click the map of TJ property below to view a larger map.
    Green areas are owned by Arlington County Board. School area is owned by Arlington Public Schools.

    Click the map of Patrick Henry Elementary School / Career Center property below to view a larger map.

    To re-create these maps, open Arlington County Maps, select Parcel Search, and search for Parcel ID 24011037 or 25014010

    Recent news:

  • Columbia Pike and 9th Street Bike Boulevard project
  • Information about Route 27 bridge over Route 244
  • Columbia Pike Initiative (information about ongoing planning/development on the Pike)
  • Commonwealth Transportation Board approves the transfer of Columbia Pike to Arlington County
  • Sports Department
  • Saturday, May 12, 2012 (softball): Arlington Heights Fightin' Pineapples 25, Penrose 24, on a walk-off single in the bottom of the 7th (final) inning
  • Saturday, August 21, 2010 (softball): Alcova Heights 29, Arlington Heights Fightin' Pineapples 10.
    Yes, those scores are softball, not football. We plan more games in the future.
  • Saturday, May 22, 2010, Arlington Heights Neighborhood Celebration at Patrick Henry Elementary School, 701 South Highland Street:
  • Results -- One-Mile Race in memory of Joe Wheeler
  • Arlington Heights School Guide

  • See what public schools serve Arlington Heights, and learn about the many good choices available to Arlington Heights parents.

    Columbia Pike celebrates its 200th anniversary

  • Read "Columbia Pike: The History of an Early Turnpike" by John Paul Liebertz, Arlington County Historic Preservation Office, April 1, 2010

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