2018 Meeting Schedule

All meetings are at Patrick Henry Elementary School Library
at 7:00 PM

Last Updated March 17, 2013

Children and youth 18 and under may advertise free on this page and in Over the Fence. Parental permission required.

The contact person is the parent of the young Arlington Heights entrepreneur who is available for work.

Need some help with all that leaf-raking? A reliable baby-sitter? Someone to look after your pets when you're away?
Arlington Heights has many young people you can turn to for these and other services. Give them a try!

  • Responsible almost 11 year old looking for work! Will feed cats, walk small dogs, water plants, be mother's helper, etc. Responsible and trustworthy. She will be around during spring break - so available to do things while you are out of town.
  • Mikayla Booth, 11 (703-553-9712) Parents: Megan and JJ Booth (

  • Pet Sitting and plant watering: Experienced, reliable and friendly. I treat your pet as my own! Call or email for references and rates.
  • Ally Sobola (703-892-1350) -- Parents: Helen & Mike Sobola

  • Yard Work and Pet Sitting:
  • Kyle Jackson, 13 (yard work and pet sitting) and Claire Jackson, 11 (pet sitting) (703-909-0686) -- Parents: Kathy & Mike Jackson

  • Babysitting:
  • Tony Conge, 16 (703-892-0859) -- Parent: Lisa Turcios

  • Leaf Raking, Dog and Cat Sitting
  • Jestin Vennett, 16 (703-920-1832) -- Parents: Jay and Amy Vennett